Plaza Premium Lounge – Web Admissions System

Plaza Premium Lounge, the world’s largest network of airport lounges, is proud to introduce a new web-based platform for the rapid redemption of lounge services worldwide. The “Web Admission System,” or “WAS,” is designed to enhance and streamline the admission process for the wide range of clients we serve throughout our global network of Plaza Premium Lounges.

In an effort to add new levels of efficiency to our award-winning service, we have developed a turnkey solution to address the challenge of integrating the admission process across our entire network. WAS uses API integration to connect seamlessly with all external databases, allowing an efficient and feature-rich solution for both users and providers.

The new Web Admission System allows diverse groups of clients, such as banks, airline crews, corporate executives, eVoucher and coupon holders, and third-party loyalty program members to easily process their admission to our lounges from a single web-based interface. The WAS provides an efficient solution to the problem of multiple admissions terminals for different client types.

For providers, WAS offers the flexibility to customize configurations of their services and packages. For example, location restrictions can be defined and lounge access quotas can be set for selected guests. It also allows providers to manage the system using different permission levels, giving different levels of access to users such as managers and front-line officers.

WAS is engineered with a high level of security and is PCI-DSS certified. The platform optimizes data security for all transactions, protecting users against misuse of their personal information and giving providers the assurance that all data and access to the system is secure.

While users will be pleased with how easy it is to use, WAS generates a wealth of useful information for providers. Data from the Web Admission System is accessed easily for a wide range of real-time service and billing reports, giving vendors in-depth insights into their business performance.

Our Web Admission System offers those who implement this new platform a simple key that opens the door to our worldwide network of premium airport lounges: an elegant solution uniting users from many diverse origins and truly enhancing each airport experience.