From the big picture down to the last footnote…

My philosophy of editing is simple: to help authors clarify their message while preserving each author’s unique voice and writing style.

I help authors prepare book manuscripts for publication. I also edit website content, journal articles, marketing content, and other short-form content.

Some books I have edited:

Daring to Feel: Awaken the Healer Within, by Alison Lingwood. A therapeutic manual for healing pain. (Available on Amazon)

In Search of First Contact: An Examination of Possible Pre-Cook European Voyages to Hawai‘i, by Gordon Joyce. A history of early European exploration of the Pacific that uncovers new evidence of contact between Europeans and Hawaiians before the arrival of Captain Cook. (In production)

Bearing Witness, by Elinor Meadows. A moving memoir of a mother’s journey through her son’s paralyzing brain injury and the challenges she faced as she cared for him for 15 years until he passed in 2020. Unable to host a memorial celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she wrote this book to honor her son’s life and share his story. (In production)

Soul of a Garden – A Journey Along the Path, by Janaki Sandy Gaal. A meditation on the joys of gardening and following a spiritual path. Equal parts gardening manual, spiritual journey, and personal memoir, this book explores the art of cultivating beauty—in the creation of splendid garden spaces and in nurturing one’s own loving, compassionate heart. (In production)

Editing services

I offer the following services for book manuscripts, articles, marketing copy, or any content that needs editorial review:

Developmental Editing – also called substantive or structural editing

I specialize in developmental editing, which provides a ‘big picture’ analysis of the author’s work focused on the clarity and structure of the story and its message. In this process I may offer suggestions for improving the rhythm and flow of the book by examining the sequence of its component parts, reworking areas that may need clarification, or trimming sections that may be repetitive. In this process I try to always offer changes that are consistent with the unique voice of the author. My goal is to help authors reach their intended readers in a clear and impactful way.

Line Editing

When the overall structure of the written work has been addressed, or if this high-level edit is not needed, a line edit will address the language line-by-line. Does each sentence make sense? Are the ideas stated clearly? Do the sentences follow each other in a logical progression? The result of this edit is prose that flows naturally from the voice of the author.

Copy Editing

This is a cleanup edit. Are grammar, spelling, and punctuation correct? Is the formatting consistent with the specific style guide? Are figures and tables placed properly and identified correctly? Does everything look the way it is supposed to? Some of these problems may be addressed in higher level edits, but this pass will be a thorough review of any remaining issues.

Agent Representation

While I do not personally represent authors, I can connect authors to agents who may be able to help the author find a publisher.