QWhere Manager – Mobile Queue Management

Does your business struggle to manage customer queues? If you’re still dealing with lines of customers onsite, then QWhere can help your business turn queue management from a headache into a useful tool to help your business thrive.

Many businesses use their staff to manage customer queues. This means taking valuable time away from servicing your current customers. It also requires space for patrons waiting for service, increasing your real estate costs and causing congestion, crowding, and noise around the entrance to your establishment.

Without knowing wait times before they arrive, customers will often flood your business at peak hours, leaving your site way below capacity during off-peak hours.

Traditional queue management also requires the use of slips, call-out systems, or electronic paging devices, all of which cost you money and resources to maintain.

QWhere is a virtual queue management system that allows users to join your queue remotely using our easy-to-use mobile app. With QWhere Manager, our enterprise app, you can free up staff, space, and resources and manage your queue effortlessly all through our convenient dashboard.

You’ll see important information about customers in your queue, such as group size and special requests, allowing you to prepare ahead for quality service.

Notification to queue holders is easy with one-click messaging via voice, SMS, or push notification. You can also keep customers informed of wait times in real time, minimizing crowding at peak hours and increasing business when things are slow.

Not only is QWhere Manager easy to use, it also provides comprehensive reports on important metrics that can help you increase productivity and revenue.

QWhere takes care of your busywork and lets you focus on the most important asset of your business: your customer.

Smart Queue Management with QWhere—shorter wait times, happier customers, better business.