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CTA: subscribe to our YouTube channel

Subject line: Welcome! You’re on the list!

Preview text: Our official launch is coming soon!


Hey [first name],

Thanks for your interest in the XXXXX mindfulness app!

We’re super excited to share what we’ve been building! We’ve been working hard to create a unique experience full of engaging stories, meditations, and videos to help you develop your own unique and meaningful daily practice to achieve relaxation, rejuvenation, and creative flow.

We can’t wait to share our official release, so, to give you a preview into what’s coming, check out the videos and playlists on The XXXXX YouTube Channel for samples of the guided relaxation sessions we’ll be featuring in the app. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to get the latest videos and let us know in the comments how they work for you. We love hearing about what stories and meditations have helped people find their own state of calm, balance and improved well-being.

Stay tuned for the announcement, and thanks again for your interest in mindfulness!

Tina, Marcos, & James (The XXXXX team)

Email #2

CTA: download our free guide

Subject line: Check out our resources on mindfulness

Preview text: Download our free How-To Guides

Hey (first name),

We hope you’ve been enjoying the videos on the The XXXXX YouTube Channel. We’ve been getting some great feedback from people and are learning a lot about how they are using the videos to help them feel more grounded, balanced, and committed to their mindfulness practice.

If you’re new to mindfulness or would like a refresher on some of the important things to remember while you engage mindfully with your daily routine, we have several resources on our website. Here’s one of the most popular articles about the basic concepts behind mindfulness:

Thanks again for your interest in mindfulness, and keep an eye on your inbox for our launch announcement!

Tina, Marcos, & James (The XXXXX team)

Email #3

CTA: download our app

Subject line: We’re live on the App Store!

Preview text: Announcing the official launch of the app!

Hey (first name),

It’s finally here! We’re thrilled to announce the official release of the  XXXXX mindfulness app available now on the App Store.

After months of development and extensive testing, including beta testing by our awesome community of beta testers, the app is now available for you to download and try out!

Thanks again for your interest in mindfulness. We hope you enjoy the experience!

Tina, Marcos, & James (The XXXXX team)

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CTA: join our Facebook group

Subject line: Join our community on Facebook!

Preview text: Connect with other XXXXX users

Hey (first name),

It’s been less than a month since we launched on the App Store and we are so pleased with all the amazing feedback we’ve been getting from users like Jesse who had this to say:

“This app is really helping me to calm down before I go to bed. I’ve been watching the video on progressive relaxation right before I go to sleep and I’ve gotten some of the best sleep I’ve had in years. Thanks!”

To help you learn more about how other XXXXX users are benefiting from their mindfulness practices and to give you a place to connect with our community, we’ve created The XXXXX Facebook Group. This is a private group available to all registered users of the app. If you’re interested in joining a thriving community of mindfulness practitioners, check it out!

Thanks again for your interest in mindfulness. See you in the FB group!

Tina, Marcos, & James (The XXXXX team)

Email # 5

CTA: upgrade to premium

Subject line: Introducing XXXXX Premium

Preview text: Your All-Access Pass to our extended library!

Hey (first name),

After a lot of great work by the community of experienced mindfulness and meditation instructors who are helping us to build this unique learning experience, we are excited to announce XXXXX Premium, an exclusive membership that unlocks the full library of content in our mobile app.

With this membership, you will have the ability to browse and play all of the content on the app, build your own playlists, save and share playlists with others, and access new themes to customize your user experience in the app.

We will continue to add content from the many talented instructors we’ve been working with, along with many new ones. This world-class content and all of the new features are now available to XXXXX Premium members to help you enhance your journey with mindfulness.

Plus, as a thank you to all of you who have been early users of the app and who have been such an awesome source of feedback and inspiration, we are extending a limited time introductory offer of XXXXX Premium for 30% off. This offer will not last, so join now to take advantage of this low price.

Thanks again for your interest in mindfulness. Your dedication to your own growth is what inspires us to do what we do!

Tina, Marcos, & James (The XXXXX team)